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Sliding Patio Doors performance can depend on many variables. If installed improperly, it could result in great losses of heat in winter. In summer, trying to cool your house will cost extra wasted money. Cheap patio doors also have a tendency to fall off the track regularly which lead to many more problems down the road and most will have the standard clear insulating glass. Low- E insulated glass is a must for Sliding Patio Doors, it provides the barrier needed from the exterior to be energy efficient. Well made Sliding Patio Doors glide smoothly and easily along their tracks, and they are not difficult to operate and are solidly built. That is why we carry the product lines of Great Lakes Patio Doors. Great Lakes Patio Doors are well built products to last a lifetime, and Low-E high performance insulated glass is always the standard.

Sliding Patio Doors